Tracy Jirikowic, Ph.D., OTR/L

Tracy Jirikowic, Ph.D., OTR/L

Dr. Tracy Jirikowic is an occupational therapist and UW associate professor with the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Clinical Interests

Dr. Jirikowic has a current clinical appointment with the University of Washington Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Diagnostic and Prevention Network (UW FAS-DPN).

Research Interests

Dr. Jirikowic's research interests broadly factors that affect the occupational performance and participation of children and youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities, with an emphasis on children with or at-risk for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Research activities include the examination of biobehavioral regulatory processes in infants and children with prenatal alcohol exposure, sensory-motor developmental processes and interventions for children, and early intervention and parenting supports for caregivers of high-risk children.




Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation Medicine

Selected Publications