Valerie Kelly, P.T., Ph.D.

Valerie Kelly, P.T., Ph.D.

Valerie Kelly is a UW assistant professor and physical therapist with the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Kelly's teaching responsibilities within the Ph.D. Program in Rehabilitation Science include coordination of Motor Control: Neural Substrates of Movement and Rehabilitation (Rehab 520). Her teaching responsibilities within the Division of Physical Therapy include coordination of Special Topics in Neurological Rehabilitation (Rehab 527) and Applied Neurology (Rehab 523). She also lectures in Applied Kinesiology (Rehab 442) and Neuroscience for Rehabilitation Professionals (Conj 480).

Clinical Interests

Dr. Kelly's clinical practice focuses on the physical therapy management of individuals with neurologic pathology, with a special interest in the evaluation and treatment of individuals with Parkinson's disease.

Research Interests

Dr. Kelly's research interests include the neural control of movement and the mechanisms underlying movement impairments in people with Parkinson's disease. Dr. Kelly's current research projects examine the effects of deep brain stimulation on walking in people with Parkinson's disease and the effects of aging and neurologic pathology on the interaction between cognition and walking.




Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Medicine

Selected Publications